NOT EVERYBODY IS A STAR, 2016, Acryl auf Leinwand, 240 x 160 cm


© Shai Levy

Nach diversen Ausstellungen und Live Performances in Los Angeles, Paris und Berlin präsentiert THE ART SCOUTS die neuesten Werke einer der interessantesten jungen Künstler/innen der Hauptstadt und Vera Kochubey’s erste Einzelausstellung in Berlin.



I have been painting all my life, but its only a few years ago that I groped my Subject and started a real research during my Master studies of Psychoanalysis, Philosophy and Culture. I came across two books that have shifted my perspective on my life & my art – S. Freud “Culture and its discontents” and M. Foucault “Culture of Self”. This was the beginning of a major topic of individual Transformation in the cultural context of neurotic experiences and patterns.

Not only these books but also a close relationship with Berlin techno scene of the legendary Berghain, helped me to access and investigate the subconscious mind, which I tend to believe now, is universal. I started painting the images, invoked by my dreams and the electronic music, using the tools of psychoanalysis to understand and interpretate them. My visual Art has always been the attempt to bring to the surface hidden movements of my soul, dark corners of my mind. This also explains why I use mostly black and white paint in my work – as a metaphor of a moonlight shining through the darkest hour of the night of the soul. I started thinking on a bigger scale, expanding my knowledge to the works of C.G . Jung and his idea of individuation. This was the moment I started to work mostly on a large scale paintings, seeing each painting as a small individual universe, that invites the viewer to reflect and dwell in its void.

I believe in transformative powers of art and this is why I like to challenge the viewer with the symbolism and questions that might invoke curiosity and reflection. I also believe in the spiritual role of art and the spiritual role of an artist being a priest of the collective unconscious. I believe that spirituality of Self can be the key to the global changes and transformation of the society we live in.


Some words that can describe my inspiration sources and give a hint to understanding of my paintings :

Psychoanalysis, mind studies, philosophy and cultural studies, interest in practical magic and traditions of european mysticism, alchemy, chaos magic, tarot cards and kabbalah, Bible, archeology of knowledge and modern philosophy, cyber reality, techno scene and electronic music, neo tribalism, Berghain subculture, technology, Matrix, futurism of the 90s, aesthetics of the 90s movies, 5th element, cosmic spirituality.




HAVE YOU FIGURED THIS LIFE OUT?, 2016, Acryl auf Leinwand, 220 x 150 cm





YAS QUEEN, 2016, Acryl auf Leinwand, 240 x 160 cm





NOT EVERYBODY IS A STAR, 2016, Acryl auf Leinwand, 240 x 160 cm





THE PROPHET, 2016, Acryl auf Leinwand, 153 x 140 cm





L: CHAOS MAGIC, 2016, Acryl auf Leinwand, 210 x 150 cm, R: MAYA – THE ILLUSION OF THE WORLD, 240 x 160 cm





VOID OF MIND, 2016, Acryl auf Leinwand, 220 x 160 cm





THE PROPHET, 2016, Acryl auf Leinwand, 153 x 140 cm





HAVE YOU FIGURED THIS LIFE OUT?, 2016, Acryl auf Leinwand, 220 x 150 cm





YAS QUEEN, 2016, Acryl auf Leinwand, 240 x 160 cm






2017  Permanent Artist @ THE ART SCOUTS, Berlin

2016  Teilnahme an der offiziellen ART WEEK 2016, Berlin

2016  Teilnahme an der offiziellen Kunstmesse ART BASEL, eingeladen von einem internationalen Kuratoren-Gremium, Basel


2016  VERA KOCHUBEY MEETS OLIVER RATH, live painting performance, Rath-Factory, Berlin

2015  “NEVERLAND” – FLOFFERZ MAGAZINE issue 2 launch group exhibition, Gallery Olivier Robert, Paris

2015  “LOS ANGELES PROPHECIES”, artist residency & solo show, LA/California

2015  “There is no higher religion then…”, installation, painting, VERA KOCHUBEY meets Mads Dinesen/ off space : Kaufhaus Jandorf, Berlin Fashion week, Berlin

2015  Russian Contemporary Art Week, group show, The Ballery gallery, Berlin

2015  “Interpretations of black magic”, solo performance, live painting, Angel Orensanz Gallery space, Paris

2015  SESSION ZERO, live painting performance, Temporary space Where Is Jesus, Berlin

2015  “Künstler erschaffen neue Welten”, , group show, Achtzig Galerie, Berlin

2014  International Art Fair BERLINER LISTE 2014, Postbahnhof / Berlin

2013  MACHT KUNST, group show, Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle, Berlin

2012  Berlin Unhinged Festival , group show, S0 36, Berlin


VERA KOCHUBEY (born 1986, Moscow, Russia)


1998  Moscow State Art School

2007  BA Psychology, National Research University, Moscow

2013  Master of Arts, Philosophy and Cultural Studies, IPU Berlin

2016  Contemporary Fine Art practice, Central St. Martins University of Arts, London

Schleinitzstr. 6 A14193 BerlinT. 015772729156